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Aviation Personnel Records
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RO: EPA - Evidența Personalului Aeronautic




Short presentation of EPA


The web application entitled “Aviation Personnel Records ” is a powerful tool which offers users the possibility to manage their lists of clients in a simple and efficient manner and to issue medical certificates for classes 1, 2, 3, LAPL and cabin crew based on the medical documents associated with each client.

The program provides a wide range of features designed to considerably reduce the workload of authorized medical examiners who use the application. The most significant features worth mentioning are:

  • users can define and use different types of classifications such as: Airlines, Aircrafts, Positions, Professional limitations and States;
  • the application provides the possibility to create a list of clients which contains useful information grouped in the following categories: identification data, contact data, physical traits and professional information; moreover, the users of the application can add new clients to the list, edit the information available for an existing client or remove clients from the list;
  • authorized medical examiners who use the application in their daily professional activity are provided with the means to efficiently manage the medical visits made by the aviation personnel; due to the program’s friendly and easy to use interface, which is based especially on the use of predefined lists and checkboxes, the amount of time necessary to issue a medical certificate for a client is considerably reduced;
  • it can generate examination reports and application forms for medical certificates (depending on the class the client belongs to);
  • it allows users to filter information contained in the clients database using a multi-criteria form;
  • users have access to various types of statistical reports and charts that show information about the medical visits made by clients in a selected period of time; the information presented in reports can be easily filtered using the following fields: the period of time in which the medical visits were made, the authorized medical examiner who performed the medical consultation, the company at which the client works and the class to which the requested medical certificate belongs;
  • with the help of this program, it is as easy as the click of a button to access the medical history of any person of interest that exists in the list of clients; due to the fact that the list of clients with all the available information is visible to all the users of the program, any user can see the medical visits of a selected client in chronological order with all the medical documents attached to them (application form for medical certificate, examination report, ENT examination report, ophthalmic examination report, medical certificate issued);
  • due to the fact that the personal and professional information of the users and the clients is highly sensitive and, therefore, it should remain confidential, the application uses a wide range of methods to protect the data from unauthorized access; the first security measure taken is represented by the use of user accounts protected by password; another way to prevent unauthorized access to data is the use of roles which are associated to users by the administrator of the program; by using roles, we make sure users have access only to the pieces of information that were intended for them;
  • last but not least, the use of this application doesn’t generate high costs for end-users due to a number of reasons: it uses a free database provided by Microsoft; it doesn’t require significant hardware resources, being opened in a simple web browser and  it is easy to install and maintain;


This software was designed and developed by Else Digital Solutions, a company with 15 years of experience on the market of high quality IT products.


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